PalaCreative began in 2003 as Master Design Solutions with a focus on desktop applications, web development, and graphic design. Since then, we have expanded to include book covers, web hosting, and other web-based services. We have streamlined our focus and brand to better serve our clients and changed our name to PalaCreative.

James is a web developer, graphic designer, and manages our cloud virtual private servers. He spends his time cracking code, dabbling in video editing software, writing and recording music. He loves adventuring with his wife and kiddos.

Jennette is a graphic designer, copy writer/editor, and colorist. She loves capturing the abstract and making it concrete. When she is not working on a project, she is writing her next novel and doing life with her hubby and two kids.

Geanina is a front-end web developer and graphic designer. She loves reading, playing and watching tennis. She daydreams about running in the Boston Marathon someday.