Search Engine Optimization

Searchability, Accessibility, and Usability

Why not have a website that works for everyone?

What is Search Engine Optimization? Why does it matter? Search engines such as Google or Bing measure how well the site performs by looking at Performance, Accessibility, and Best Practices.


The amount of time your site takes to load can affect the site usability. Users visiting your site from low speed networks might have difficulties loading the site on their devices. Resources such as scripts, videos, or images can affect your site’s performance, resulting in higher bounce rates. Let us help you improve your site’s performance by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive site audit
  • Identifying resources that take too long to load
  • Optimizing images and removing unused scripts
  • Removing script blocking to improve site load time


Making your website accessible to everyone is not only good for search engines, it is good for your business. Users who use assistive technology such as screen readers need to easily understand the content of your site. Search engines penalize sites that do not follow accessibility guidelines. We will check your site for the following:

  • Header placement
  • Images missing descriptions
  • Contrast between background and text
  • Missing title tags and more

Best Practices

Not only does Performance and Accessibility matter, following the basic Best Practices guidelines established by can enhance the quality of your website. Unfortunately, not all web design companies follow these guidelines. With our comprehensive web audit, we can fix web issues by ensuring your website is optimized and searchable.

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